(In Traditional Chinese and English  正體中文及英文)

1. (Embedded) Linux + Java = Lava (熔岩結構) – (2000 A.D.)

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(Scanned pages from Linuxer Magazine, April 2000 Vol.5)


2. Declaration of Equal Right for Electronic Devices (電器平權宣言,DERED) – (2000-2001 A.D.)

This is for intelligent appliances. 這是針對智慧型電器
Because techologies (e.g. AI) are potentially risky. 因為科技是具有潛在風險的。

To resolve this issue, it is required to consider at least the following two phases: 要解決此一問題,有必要考量至少下列兩個層面:

A. Homo Sapien vs Intelligent Machine (INTER-Species) 人類相對於智慧機器
B. Intelligent Machine vs Intelligent Machine (INTRA-Species) 智慧機器相對於智慧機器

“In the future, electronic devices having sufficient intelligence will form their own society. In such a society formed by electronic devices having sufficient intelligence, electronic devices having sufficient intelligence shall treat each other EQUALLY.”

重點:具有足夠智慧能力的電子設備不可/禁止跨載 (Override) 另一台具有足夠智慧能力的電子設備。其輪廓、形狀、外觀 … 不是重點
Baseline: one electronic device having sufficient intelligence is forbidden / not allowed to override another electronic device having sufficient intelligence. Profile, appearance, form, .. thereof are NOT critical.


3. FoodProcess API (食物處理API) – (2004 A.D.)

“API” indicates “Application Programming Interface” (應用程式設計介面) (2004 A.D.)
To apply information tech onto realms of food processes 將資訊技術應用於食物處理領域

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Food Process API 食物處理API – Chinese White Paper 中文說明 (PDF檔案)

USPTO Patent Application Specification 美國USPTO專利申請稿
Title 標題:Method of information technology application for food process
Open Number 公開號:US20060136078 A1
Application Number 申請書編號:US 11/013,962
Open Date 發佈日期:2006年6月22日
Filing Date 申請日期:2004年12月16日
Priority Date 優先權日期:2004年12月16日
Inventor 發明人:Lung-Chuan Chen
Original Assignee 原專利權人:Lung-Chuan Chen