MICRO Artificial Intelligence and MACRO Artificial Intelligence 微觀/個體人工智慧以及巨觀/總體人工智慧

當個體、單元內的人工智慧發展到一定程度 (微觀性),


眾多智慧型機器間之整體、互動、社會性的人工智慧將會開始顯現其重要性 (巨觀性)。


When artificial intelligence within a single individual, unitary entity develops to a certain level (in a MICRO sense),

that is, intelligent machines become sufficiently smart, and the number of sufficiently intelligent machines increases,

integral, interactive and social artificial intelligence among such massive intelligent machines will start to reveal its importance (in a MACRO sense.)


Method of information technology application for food process (食物處理 FoodProcess API)

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1. 廚房不限於家裡的廚房,包含學校、工廠、各種類型的中央廚房、…等等,或甚至包含實驗室,廣義看待為「進行食物處理的場所」,同時亦可擴展至地球以外位置。

The possible locations of “kitchens” are not limited to homes, but comprise schools, factories, various sorts of so-called “central kitchens” … etc, or even possibly including laboratories, which can be generally considered as “a location where food processes are performed”, and can be further extended to locations outside of the planet Earth.

2. 食物成為「可程式化」 (到/在「化合物/分子層級」)。

Foods can become “programmable” (to/at the “compound or molecular level”).


Method of information technology application for food process  (US 20060136078 A1)



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