Summation of AI vector(s) becomes ZERO VECTOR

Responding to the article:

“How Smart Can AI Get?”

I have thought about this question earlier (more than 2 years ago). The continuation of my DERED white paper.

(In Chinese and English)

1. 無須對人工智慧功能發展設定上限 (只要你的硬體可供執行)
1. No need to put upper limits onto AI function development (so long as your hardware can run)

但是 / But

2. 不同來源的人工智慧要能夠互相抵消 (向量和為零向量)
2. AI from different sources need to be able to be mutually CANCELLED (i.e., Summation of AI vector(s) becomes ZERO VECTOR)

AI(s) need(s) AI OPPONENT(S).