Intelligent machines should be MUTUALLY OF EQUAL RIGHTS

Responding to the article (March, 18, 2017):

The rights of intelligent machines (e.g., A.I + Robot) can be further discussed; for example, their most fundamental rights may include:

– rights for electricity power recharging (such as living creatures need air, water, food to survive);

– rights for space / allocation / accommodation;

– rights for expressing their statements (you have rights to make speech);

The critical point is that intelligent machines are MUTUALLY OF EQUAL RIGHTS. To reduce CONFLICTS between/among intelligent machines, especially large-scaled, massive, hierarchical conflicts (think about riots, revolutions, major wars in eastern or western human history.)


– 充電的權利 (生存)

– 空間/配置處所/容納的權利 (歸所)

– 表達陳述的權利 (言論自由)

….. 等等。